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"I don't want to drive up to the pearly gates in a shiny sports car, wearing beautifully, tailored clothes, my hair expertly coiffed, and with long, perfectly manicured fingernails. I want to drive up in a station wagon that has mud on the wheels from taking kids to scout camp. I want to be there with a smudge of peanut butter on my shirt from making sandwiches for a sick neighbors children. I want to be there with a little dirt under my fingernails from helping to weed someone's garden. I want to be there with children's sticky kisses on my cheeks and the tears of a friend on my shoulder. I want the Lord to know I was really here and that I really lived."
— Marjorie Pay Hinckley

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Haydn is 4...

Although it seems that Haydn should already be 4, if not 5 at times, she officially turned 4 on the 26th. We were lucky to have Gramma and Aunt Tiffany, Nate and Gracie here to celebrate with us. Haydn's only request was to have a "pony birthday". So we tried to make it exactly that. We invited friends from town and church over and luckily the weather held out long enough to let us do some pony rides on the ranch. So here are some pictures of Haydn's fun pony birthday party.

We had two Gracie's at the party... that was a little tricky!

Jeremy was really jealous of Haydn's new bike

Everyone was fascinated with the horses on the cake

Ashlynn loved Polka Dot

Emma was not happy that she had to take turns on the ponies

Nate and Gracie lovin' the country life

Have I mentioned that Emma isn't afraid of anything?

But she sure can tell you exactly how she feels

Haydn loves her new cowgirl outfit

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

One year in Nebraska

It is our one year anniversary of moving to Nebraska. We moved away from everyone we knew and loved and set off on our own adventure as a family. We were grateful that we didn't move this year, since there was a blizzard this weekend, but now we are accustomed to the weather in this part of the country. We have found a wonderful place to raise children and grow together in love and fresh air! Weldon has just blossomed at the school here and Haydn can't wait for summer to ride Polka Dot again. Emmaline has discovered, much to our dismay, that people here are very friendly and has no sense of danger from strangers! Although our employment has gone through some rocky times, we are settled for at least the next 4-5 months. We miss everyone back at home, but know that as long as we are together, we can handle anything! So I can safely say that we are full-fledged "Huskers"!
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